“The Literal Black Cloud” Looming Over the Drum Cam in this Intronaut Footage

As much as I love the newer Intronaut albums, Prehistoricisms remains my favorite. And sometimes when a band moves from a more aggressive style with screamed or growled vocals to clean ones, it starts to be a concern: will they ever play that old stuff live? Screaming ain’t easy on the throat when you have to sing and hit harmonies.


So it’s good to hear Intronaut still banging out some of the old stuff. Sick Drummer caught them on tour with Between The Buried And Me, and the band’s classic “The Literal Black Cloud” could be heard looming over the PA speakers. Here’s some literal Danny Walker drum cam footage, downloaded from the cloud.

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  • Not exaggerating: one of the greatest riffs in the history of music. UGHHH.

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