Are These The HARDEST Guitar Chords to Play? DARRELL BRAUN Finds Out!


Guitarist and YouTuber Darrell Braun has made some pretty sweet videos for guitarists over the last few years. From giving studio and practice advice to testing all different kinds of gear, his channel is a treasure trove of tons of useful content. And now he’s putting his fans to the test by showing us 10 of his favorite, hardest chords to play! You’re gonna wanna warm up before attempting this.

In this tutorial, Darrell takes some classic jazz flavors and unique voicings to spice up some more common chords that a lot of players use. He incorporates ideas like upper harmonies and different inversions to create some really interesting chord shapes. He recommends (and we do too!) that you try these chords in higher positions first so the stretch isn’t so unbearable right off the bat. Once it feels more natural, go ahead and see if you can tackle the ones he shows in the video head-on!

One of the coolest things about Darrell’s video is that he shows that it really doesn’t matter what kind of player you are for these chords to be useful. All of these chords and the ideas within them are super versatile, and whether you’re into metal, blues, or the jazzier side of things, there’s a ton of stuff to learn here. The real challenge would be to see if it would be possible to use all 10 of these chords in a single progression. It might kill you in the end, but hey, at least you’d sound great going out.

For more killer music content for your mindbrain, head over to Darrell Braun’s channel and get learnin’! We wish the best of luck to your hands and fingers.

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