Svart Crown’s Kevin Paradis Recovers From Injury, Drums Into Oblivion

We’ve covered French drummer Kevin Paradis on this site before – specifically, his playing in Mithridatic. But for the last year or so, he’s taken over on drums for one of France’s longest-running modern black metal bands, Svart Crown, a job where he has no problem holding shit down.


Even through injuries, Kevin still kicks ass. He’s barely out of the woods on a recent elbow fracture, and he’s about to join Svart Crown’s upcoming European tour with Marduk. Check out his statement about his arm’s health (from his Facebook page), and then watch a live video of him at Saint Vitus with Svart Crown to get a picture of this dude’s skills, pre-injury.

So what’s happened to me is a fracture of the radial head. The good point with this kind of fracture is that your arm doesn’t need to be immobilized too long : you can move it before the bone has completely recovered. But, as it touch an articulation, it can cause some problem for elbow’s flexibility. My arm was in a plaster during about 20 days. For now a week, I’m able to move my arm. I’ve been back on the drum kit the day after the plaster was removed, and I’ve made a lot of improvement. Then, even if I was uncertain on this tour, I will be drumming during SVART CROWN tour with Marduk, that’s for sure now ! Hope to see you on road !

Damn. Stoked for your return dude, but definitely take care of that!

If you live in one of these countries and are using Google Translate to read this, check out Kevin in action at one of the following dates of the aforementioned tour:

08.10.15 POL Katowice @ Mega Club
09.10.15 CZ Trinec @ Barrocko
10.10 CZ Praga @ Nova Chmelnice
11.10 GER Erfurt @ Club From Hell
12.10 CH Chaux-de-Fonds @ Bikini Test
13.10 FR Colmar @ Grillen
14.10 CH Zurich @ Komplex 457
15.10 ITA Rome @ Traffic Live Club
16.10 ITA Rozzano @ Elyon
17.10 CRO Rijeka @ OKC Palach
18.10 B&H Sarajevo @ Kaktus
19.10 MAC Skopje @ Havana
20.10 GR Athens @ Kyttaro Club
21.10 GR Thessaloniki @ Eightball
22.10 BUL Sofia @ Mixtape5
23.10 SER Novi Sad @ The Quarter
24.10 AU Vienna @ Escape Metalcorner
25.10 HUN Budapest @ Blue Hell

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  • Love this band. What a drummer.

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