Mithridatic’s “Broken Glass Rain” Drum Playthrough Literally Breaks Glass

We don’t cover enough up-and-comers on this site, but every once in a while, a playthrough comes across the proverbial desk that really gets us going. In this case, it’s Kevin Paradis of Mithridatic, an absurdly brutal French death metal band. Paradis, who has also smacked the skins in Svart Crown, has absolutely absurd chops. His playing, and Mithridatic’s music, are well within the tradition of brutal death metal, so fans of the genre will be well satisfied by this playthrough video for “Broken Glass Rain.”


Another nice thing about this clip is that the band took the time to release an isolated drums-only version of the song. It’s really cool to be able to compare these things back-to-back.

Source: Sick Drummer Magazine

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