The Weekly Riff – “Chaos Royale” by Sister Sin Guitarist Jimmy Hiltula

Gothenburg, Sweden’s Sister Sin has ho shortage of albums. Their fifth, Black Lotus, saw a release this Tuesday, so you can’t have been expected to have figured out all of the guitar parts already, now could you? Don’t sweat it. That’s why the group’s guitarist, Jimmy Hitula, is here to break some of it down for you.


This week’s dose of riff instruction comes from Sister Sin’s first single, “Chaos Royale.” Have it at full speed, and then at slow motion, because you have to see how to run before you can watch someone else crawl. I think the saying goes something like that, anyway.

Sister Sin’s new album, Black Lotus, was released this Tuesday on Victory Records. You can pick up a copy at this location, and watch the full video for “Chaos Royale” below.

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