Allan Marcus and His Most Daunting of all Guitars Returns with Another EMG Playthrough

At Gear Gods we just can’t get enough of Arecibo‘s Allan Marcus and his 8-string, fanned fret, true temperament  Strandberg. All you need is to make it fretless and it because the Mount Everest of guitars. I want to play it just to conquer it, so daunting is its visage. Our on-location scribe Trey Xavier gave it a go at NAMM and my jealousy is boundless.


Well, Mr. Marcus is back with another finger-confounding wonder on EMGtv. We covered his performance of “Lost in Consciousness” last time. Today he returns with “Pulsar.” Nice to see the 57/66 pair of EMG pickups on an 8-string. It seems like they get all the lows that the 8-string EMG 81 pickups are known for, but the mids are more appealing, at least in this recording.

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