Rigged/Playthrough Tag-Team: Jar’d Loose Drummer Philip Hardman Is a “Carrion Guy”

Chicago’s Jar’d Loose and their Jesus-Lizard-meets-dirty-rock swagger are making a return on May 27th with their sophomore album Turns 13. Let’s ignore the fact that the band is not, in fact, 13 years old, and the individual members are certainly at least legal adults. No, let’s just try to enjoy the tunes, shall we?


I recently got my grimy mitts on some exclusive drum playthrough footage of drummer Philip Hardman powering his way through the band’s new track “Carrion Guy.” Personally I’m more of an avacado guy, but it takes all kinds.

And to top it all off I have a breakdown of all the gear Mr. Hardman (sounds like an alias to me..) plays on, in case you were wondering which 20″ K Custom ride he’s playing on. Hint: it’s a 20″ K Custom.

Drums- Yamaha maple custom absolute
18” x 22″ Bass drum (Evans emad II , Remo power stroke 3)
9″ x 12″ Rack tom (Remo coated emperor, clear ambassador)
16″ x 16″ Floor tom (Remo coated emperor, clear ambassador)
6.5″ x 14″ Ludwig black beauty (Remo ambassador x, ambassador snare, pure sound snare wires)
20″ Zildjian K Custom hybrid ride
13″ Sabian HHX x-celerator hats
20″ Sabian AAX x-plosion crash
22″ Sabian AAX Omni
Pearl eliminator double bass pedal
Tama iron cobra hi hat stand
DW cymbal stands
LP cowbell


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