HYPNO5E Releases “On The Dry Lake” Guitar Playthrough Part 2

A little while ago HYPNO5E released part 1 of the playthrough for this tune off of their 2019 album, A Distant (Dark) Source. Today, we bring you the second part of guitarist Jonathan Maurois’ rundown of “On The Dry Lake”. If you like what you hear you can pick up their album via Pelagic Records.


In this video we see Maurois gliding through an atmospheric and moody wall of beautifully crafted melodies. I saw this band back in 2010 and I totally forgot how ethereal and generally sweet their music really is. Jonathan can be seen toting his Schecter SLS C7 loaded with Seymour Duncan Blackouts and Jonathan Maurois Custom Skull Strings (10/75), tuned to Drop A (A E A D G B E)

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