Dominic Forest Lapointe Plays the Bass Like His Name

Dominic Forest Lapointe has been keeping busy since parting ways with Beyond Creation. The six-stringer has a new project, Teramobil, whose combination of dissonant riffs, bow-tie neat arpeggios, and Genesis keyboards-style bass playing should appease fans of the bassist’s old band. I actually think I like this band more than Beyond Creation – there’s a bit more math-y, out-there parts, which never fail to tickle me!


“Molecular Spectrometry” is a great title for this song. It’s so typical of this technical genre that it’s beyond corny – it’s just literally what the band is playing. Check it out below:

Teramobil’s debut, Multispectral, is out now.

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  • Teramobil isn’t new. They’ve been around for awhile.

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