Check out Tosin Abasi’s Car Commercial-like Guitar Playthrough

Man, this playthrough video by Animals as Leaders guitarist Tosin Abasi of “The Woven Web” off 2014’s The Joy Of Motion serves basically as a commercial for the Ibanez TAM10 first, playthrough second. You can’t get much better than Tosin if you want to sell guitars; it’s like getting Jeff Gordon to burn some lead in a car commercial. Maybe better, actually. And this thing does sort of look like a sexy car-commercial, what with it’s dynamic shots detailing each component and spec of the instrument (see below):



tosin 2

See what I mean?

Check out the full playthrough below:

Animals as Leaders play the Atomic Music Festival in Dallas, Texas, before lending their capable shred-hands to Joe Satriani for his guitar clinic/camp The G4 Experience. Get dates for that here.

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