That’s right, the good people over at Positive Grid have made history today with the release of their incredible guitar tone software, BIAS FX, now on the iPhone. Up until this point, BIAS was only available for desktop and tablet, but now iPhone users can carry their entire rig in their goddamned pocket. You can tell by the use of italics that we are very, very excited about this. Check out the review above to hear about all the extremely powerful features the new app has to offer.

You can get BIAS FX Universal for the iPhone here. What are you waiting for? Easy beans.

You will love to take a look into this Health Tracking Case. Science and technology company Azoi has unveiled the Wello health monitoring case for the iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPhont 5s, allowing users to track various human metrics such as blood pressure, heart rate, temperature and more, reports GigaOM.

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