ENTHEOS – Evan Brewer Bass Playthrough

Metal supergroup Entheos (consisting of Animosity alums Evan Brewer, Frank Costa, Navene Koperweis and Systems vocalist Chaney Crabbe) recently released their debut EP Primal to universal approval. The band is truly kicking, and how could they not be? With that kind of lineup, it would be real hard to go wrong.


I personally think Evan Brewer is the best bass player in modern metal by a long shot. I can’t think of anyone who sounds nearly as good as him, tone-wise or in terms of creative, expressive, solid performances. He’s also not afraid to slap, something that I have a well-documented, unabashed love for in metal. And in this new playthrough for the title track on their new EP, he does not disappoint in any regard.

On his official Facebook page it’s stated that Evan rocks Warwick basses, EMG pickups, Ampeg amps, Gator cases, MXR pedals, and Dunlop strings, but it also says he’s still in the Faceless too. In the playthrough it looks like he’s jamming on some Aguilar amplification, and the headstock of his bass is conveniently out of frame, so who knows exactly what he’s playing – but hell if it doesn’t sound tasty, whatever it may be.

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  • Thats a Sandberg bass. The four dots right above the neck pocket are a Sandberg thing.

    • Excellent basses too, though his tone… kind of sucks?

      • Yeah…I disagree about slapping in metal whole heartedly. It just doesn’t work for my ears.

  • You don’t think Nick’s performance on JFAC’s Sun Eater edges Evan out as the “best metal bassist”? I do. Just my 2cents

    • Very good call.

    • Yeah his playing + the production on that album was sick.

  • Dominic Forest Lapointe, recently from Beyond Creation, has my vote for best metal bassist for now. Brewer was my favorite until I heard this little ditty. https://youtu.be/NtuNKVc_jkA

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