OMEGA DIATRIBE Djents the Hardest In These Guitar and Drum Playthroughs

Djent is a genre (and it for sure is a genre) that was born on the internet. I know, I know, Meshuggah was around before the interent age – but djent as a concept was dervied from and cultivated on the internet. I think that’s pretty cool – metal in general was an international phenomenon pre-internet, but it took a lot longer to permeate because of that; djent was essentially an overnight success.


So it’s not all that surprising to see a band like Omega Diatribe from Budapest, Hungary playing as straight-ahead djent as can be found anywhere. Groovy as hell on their new EP Abstract Ritual (thanks in part to guest drummer Kevin Talley), the band is making waves in their genre.

Check them out in the following playthroughs from guitarist Gergő Hájer and drummer Tommy Kiss (playing Kevin Talley’s parts – no small feat.)

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