Throwback Thursday: Nick Menza Rips Megadeth Tunes, Then and Now

With the metal world aghast that Chris Adler has seized the Megadeth throne for the band’s upcoming record, I’d like to just take a second to appreciate what a great drummer Nick Menza was (and how it’s silly how bad of a deal Mustaine allegedly offered him to rejoin). Personally, I always felt he was underrated among the thrash guys – his chops were up there with the Lombardo’s, but his playing also had real personality. Other than the riffs and songwriting, he has made Rust in Peace an enjoyable return listen for many years for me.


So let’s enjoy some drum-cam footage of Nick playing “Holy Wars” in 2014, and “The Conjuring” in 1990:

And of course, the original isolated drum tracks for “Holy Wars,” are a crucial listen. Check them out below:

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  • one of the best drummers ever, period. a monster in precision and creativity, his fills are often remarkable and most always memorable. a true artist and a real inspiration!

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