HUSBANDRY Release “Your Weight in Gold” Guitar & Bass Playthrough

Okay guys, you know it’s not fair to start a playthrough with a fluffy cat on a bed. Now we HAVE to watch.


Alright, never mind, more cats pls.

Husbandry is a post-hardcore band based out of New York City. Last year they released their second full-length album, A Port in a Storm. While many musicians are spending this time reminiscing about the days of old when we could go out and play shows, others are getting creative and moving ahead. Kitty cats included occasionally in best-case scenarios…

In this playthrough, we see Arnau and Jordan from Husbandry jamming through “Your Weight in Gold”, the second track off of the record. This tune takes us on a journey through several vibes that slowly turn more progressive as the song continues. A few sections in this song remind me of early Mastodon (that’s a good thing.) Also that Dunable guitar looks DELICIOUS. Mostly this is a guitar and bass playthrough, but some of the other band members make appearances for bonus points/pots and pans.

Jordan (guitar) had the following to say about this playthrough:

Hey Gear Nerds. Jordan from Husbandry here. If you want to try and play this song, god bless you. The guitars are tuned to D Standard and the bass is a 5-string tuned to standard BEADG.
Why aren’t we in the same tuning? Because I forgot to tell Arnau when he joined the band that I was in D Standard, and he has a much better ear than I to figure it out. Three records later here we are. Maybe next one we’ll match up.
Tone-wise, the guitars on this song are an Electronic Audio Experiments Model FET into my JCM800 2204, and Arnau uses a Lakland bass with a Darkglass pre-amp and a Darkglass B7K Ultra pedal into an SVT reissue. Yo Darkglass, where is the love?

Be sure to check out Husbandry on Bandcamp, Facebook, and Instagram.
Additionally, you can snag merch and vinyl from them right here.

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