SILENMARA – “Carbon Dated” Guitar Playthrough/Track Stream – Gear Gods Exclusive

Miami, Florida’s Silenmara have a bit of a Swedish flair combined with a modern deathcore vibe, combined with just enough shred to tweak your ear. They’ve been honing their chops since 2008, and in 2011 they recorded and released their debut full-length Collection of Conscience with producer Santiago Dobles (DEATH, CYNIC and AGHORA).


2015 sees the band again recording with Dobles, and they are now set to release their sophomore record By Methods. Taken from that album is the playthrough below, which features guitarists Jason Gato and Paul Casas ripping through the track “Carbon Dated” on their Mayones Regius 7 guitars, apparently through a KSR Colossus.

Check the track below, and get to know them a little better over on their Facebook page.

This is also the official track debut, and you can add it to your Soundcloud playlist below:

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