NAMM 2015 – KSR Amplification’s Fine, Glowing Amplifiers


I’d kind of like to petition the ancient gods on mythological creatures from which KSR Amplification lifts its amplifier names, and beg these holy deities to convince all amp companies to release at least one rackmount head. Rackmount’s been the standard for bass amps for ages, and speakon and courtesy AC jacks and other nice features are not uncommon either, but guitar amps have tradition or some bullshit to live up to.

Whatever, KSR knows what’s up. Their Artemis, sometimes overlooked since the Colossus flagship tends to get the most attention, was the amp that I was most salivating over. But that little 50-watt Ares, with dual master volumes, was a hot unit as well. I just wish the lame-os at NAMM Decibel Level Police Investigation Unit would have let Fluff crank these amps a little louder at his performance. As always, the real winner at NAMM is oppression.


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