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I thought we were done with the extended range vitriol but I bet this brews up a whole new pot.

How much mojo is in the Mojotone? Is it no-jo, or woah-jo?

For those who need maximum low end from their severed headstocks.

How'd you like to own Bill Kelliher's "Golden Axe" Prototype Les Paul? Of course you would, you Axe Battler.

Not really. His returns only accrue.

I'm pretty sure these guys have PhDs in advanced mad scientist-ing.

It's like the B9, but one number better. Or one number worse if you're still in school.

Scratch all of the "Best of 2014" lists, because Glenn's found The Sex Kittens

How well can you solo while girded in chainmail? Not this well, I'd wager.

Looking for the perfect amp sim for your modeling needs?

The band shows off its rigs while on tour with Gojira and Kvelertak.

Unless there's an included picture or it's been authenticated, be skeptical.

"The only sensation I could imagine being similar would be getting slapped in the face by a beautiful women in