Speaking of New Things and More Strings, Here’s Josh Martin With 8 String Glitch Tapping

Yesterday we published a fun rant about Daditude and why people fear new things in art, centered mainly around ERGs and adding strings. And just like that, I was served up a tasty morsel of both from Ibanez and Little Tybee’s Josh Martin.


Josh is revered in the extended range community for his unorthodox and totally not metal approach to using an 8 string guitar as well as his absurdly good and interesting techniques. In this video, he demonstrates and explains his “glitch tapping” technique, which involves hitting the same note on the same fret with multiple fingers, creating a glitchy, cool sound.

Josh went to the Atlanta Institute of Music with Tosin Abasi, where they must have BOTH spent too much time listening to Victor Wooten, because they both incorporate his signature thumping technique. But I haven’t seen Tosin rocking the glitch, so now I’m curious what this would sound like on a heavier amp setting. Brb doing musical science

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