guitar Tag

The Guitar Hero series of games (for those too young to remember lo those many aeons ago) involved hitting buttons

We've met him, and know that he's a good guy.

Looks like you need another round of Glenn Fricker Yelling at you to whip you into shape.

Keeley has released the "Bassist Limiting Amplifier." It's two notches better than the "Bass" and "Basser" versions.

This amp modeling software was too big to be contained on your phone. Well, actually the installation size wasn't particularly

This ties in two things we like: mini things and OD pedals.

Careful, too much bass in your guitar playing might prevent you from getting laid.

The Blotted Science mainman will release instructional videos detailing the theory and practice of Human Entomology.

U wot m8? Get Rect. The Lunchbox Revolution is now streaming.

PRS joins the lunchbox revolution. The low watt, high gain revolution? The mini-amp revolution? We're still working on the title.

For when you need a bit more Muff in your Box.

A full rundown of the gear used on the band's new album.

Two roads forked in a metal woods: one had sweet pitch effects and one didn't.