Mini is the New Massive – Pro Tone Teases A Mini Bulb OD

This past week Pro Tone Pedals and Misha Mansoor of Periphery were in cahoots teasing a new mini pedal – the Bulb Attack OD. Of course, it’s not actually a proper mini pedal like a Mooer, it’s just mini in the sense of being (apparently) a miniaturized version of the full-on Bulb Deluxe.


There’s no specs or info just yet, but the visible differences are the lack of diode switch (which, as this video explains, if you’re not turning up the drive then it has no effect) and no Attack switch, which I infer from the name is just on all the time.

This short video was posted and contains some sounds of the pedal in front of a clean amp as a bit of grit on some rock octaves.

The price is rumored to be $159, significantly less than the full sized version at $275. I’m interested to hear more details which should be forthcoming this week.

I’d hit it. Would you?

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