Simpsons-Themed Guitar Pedal of The Week: Mr. Plow

You may remember back in August, we found a beautiful Mr. Sparkle-themed reverb/tremolo pedal built by Tribute Audio Designs, an Ontario, Canada-based custom pedalworks shop. Well, Tribute is back in the Simpsons game, this time delivering a Mr. Plow themed muff/reverb stompbox. The pedal is reportedly a dual Ram’s Head-style Big Muff Fuzz and Box of Hall reverb. Perfect for your Simpsons-themed stoner-metal band.



Tribute Audio Designs is also always cool enough to post the guts of their pedals, for all you circuitboard dudes. Check it out:



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  • This was custom built for a band in Melbourne called Dr Colossus, and they are a Simpsons themed stoner band haha

  • looks great, give us some sound samples !

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