Custom Pedal of the Week: Mr. Sparkle Reverb

Just in time for the Simpsons massive marathon in which they are playing literally every episode ever, we’ve got a custom Mr. Sparkle reverb/tremolo pedal Tribute Audio Designs, a Peterborough, Ontario-based handmade pedal shop. The company, run by an individual named Jeremy Spencley since 2009, makes one-of-a-kind, custom order pedals, modeled after various oldschool wiring and electronics schemes. The good news is this is an inspired moment of genius (it’s a reverb pedal named Mr. Sparkle… because reverb makes the track sparkle… get it?) but the bad news is that Spencley only does one of each pedal, so you’ll have to come up with your own idea.



In case you haven’t seen it, the artwork (and I hope, of course, the sound),  is inspired by this classic piece of Simpsons lore:

The Mr. Sparkle is an STM tremolo combined with a Grind Customs Tenebrion Reverb with an order flipper switch. See the photo below for this insane bit of electronics engineering:


Keep up with Tribute Audio Designs on Facebook. The company is looking to expand this year, so maybe we’ll see some little runs of more cool pedals like this.

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