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To show you the sequence of their recording process.

JamPlay is one of the leading guitar lesson websites in the world, featuring best-in-class instructors like Tosin Abasi, Emil Werstler,

Master of Amps I'm turning your knobs.

Resting on the sabbath is for wimps who can't play 80 billion notes per second.

In your music cave of the future, do you want dedicated devices, or one box for listening to, creating, and

Here's your Tumblr of the week winner, folks.

Even if your band plays crustened black metal, you probably envy this band's guitar tone.

I mean he shreds through it. You know, not that he's crying the whole time.

Seriously, if given the record to record with or sans robot, you're going to pick the robot.

And ultimately, to better articulate your melodies.

ESP is releasing very limited runs of guitars commemorating the life of Jeff Hanneman, and the 30th anniversary of Metallica's

Will someone please talk Tesseract into playing these?

What, did you think the tracking of their next album would put a hold on their constant social media barrage?