LEE MCKINNEY Of BORN OF OSIRIS Drops Exclusive Solo Guitar Playthrough For “The Sun And The Wind”

Guitarist Lee McKinney of the progressive metal band Born of Osiris recently released his first-ever solo full-length album entitled Infinite Mind via Sumerian Records! The record by the young musician was in the works for a while, so now we’ve teamed up with him to premiere this exclusive guitar playthrough for the song “The Sun and the Win”, only right here, on Gear Gods!


As Lee has said in the making-of video about the album (below), the songs written for this record were meant to stand on their own without the help from vocals. As you can hear in “The Sun and the Moon”, the guitar takes the lead melody spot where a singer would be and pushes the tune forward in a hooky way. He’s also said that the goal for him is to put out a new solo record every couple of years, so that’s something for BOO fans and non-BOO fans alike to look forward to!

You can stream/purchase Infinite Mind here.

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