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He's on the road with Buddy Guy, Bootsy Collins, Dweezil Zapp, and more.

Thrash guitarist miraculously still able to speak without mouth or cerebellum.

Let's go "Inside The Shredder's Studio" with Decibel Magazine.

My Divinations are telling me you might win this White Whale of a prize.

Like they intentionally wanted Ben's bad drumming on "Head Down."

Opeth's sonic palette has shifted again on their new record, albeit more subtly.

Does he own any branded gear that doesn't begin with "E"? Yes, but still, our E-meter is off the charts

After all these years the Triaxis is still going strong.

Or Kirk Hammett over Motley Crue. Or George Lynch over Iced Earth. Or

The Perpetual Burn was decades in the making.

The tools of the trade for big Sabbathy riffs.

What do you think, classic V shape or is anyone in the mood to boost some mids?

A ribbon microphone without the usual ribbon high-end roll-off.

Except maybe if your amp sucks and you want an excuse to borrow a better one from that other band