Mesa Boogie Has 3 New Pedals, REALLY Likes EQ Now

Mesa/Boogie just announced a trio of new distortion pedals for people who love graphic eqs, and making V shapes out of them. I guess they’re serious about being a pedal company, and the original 4 they released weren’t just a lark.


All of the new units feature a 5-band EQ. In fact, the Boogie Five-Band Graphic pedal is just that, plus input and output knobs. But personally, the two really exciting ones are the hot-rodded dual-channel graphic EQ versions of the Flux-Drive and Throttle Box, the Flux-Five and Throttle Box EQ.

I’ve so far been thoroughly impressed by the existing Mesa distortion boxes, but hadn’t picked one up because I tend to need dual channel pedals. So for those of you require lots of modes and options, Mesa has you covered now. Here’s some more pics and quotes from the company.


The Graphic EQ can be applied to both HI and LO Gain Modes enabling you to have a global EQ curve or it can be applied to either gain Mode separately allowing you to have two “preset” sounds with different EQ shapes and gain signatures to switch between. A HI TRIM pot allows the volume level of HI to be adjusted in relation to the original LO (FLUX-DRIVE) Mode. However you choose to utilize all this potential, the warm rich FLUX-FIVE overdrive is sure to inspire you and bring out your best.


Like the original, this expanded THROTTLE BOX includes two Modes but here they are controlled by a HI/LO footswitch that enables you to have two gain regions to choose from during live performance. There are also dedicated HI LEVEL and LO LEVEL Output controls, allowing you to set the desired volume level for each Gain Mode individually. The EQ can be assigned to either or both of these Gain Mode choices so that it becomes active with the desired Gain Mode selection. In addition, we’ve fitted a MID CUT control that allows global scooping of the mids in addition to whatever you might do with the Graphic sliders. And finally, the internally selectable BOOST switch hidden under the Bottom Plate on the original THROTTLE BOX appears on this EQ version as an easily accessible Top Panel BOOST switch for extra girth and a bit of gain enhancement.

Source: Guitar Noise

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  • These look pretty bad ass!!!

  • But at what cost? I’m guessing at least $175.

    • Try $300 buddy. The non-5-band eq ones are $180 minimum.

  • I’d be interested in the 5 band if it wasn’t so damn expensive, also kinda disappointed they couldn’t think of any EQ-related word-play for the throttle-box.

  • I have a mark IV and that eq is amazing! When you turn the eq on it makes it sound like you added a second amp!!! Will any of these pedals do something similar? If so a high price tag would be worth it!

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