DYSCARNATE Drop Punishing New Guitar And Bass Playthrough For “BACKBREAKER”

DYSCARNATE is possibly one of the most sonically cohesive bands I’ve heard in a while. What I mean by that is, their sound is just a singular object. Okay, that doesn’t make much sense either.


I’ll try again.

They sound like if four or five howitzers, two to three flak cannons, and about fifty concrete bombs were firing and/or exploding all at once, in succession, over and over in perfect harmonious tempo.

Just a cacophony of synchronized artillery.

Guitarists Tom Whitty and Al Llewellyn are here to bring you this exclusive guitar and bass playthrough of their track “Backbreaker” on their custom spec’d Carillion Guitars! The playthrough was filmed on location at Hansen Studios, Denmarkthe birthplace of the band’s latest album With All Their Might. Tom plays the Polaris 6 and Al rocks the Promethean 5FF. Be sure to check out the specs below:

Polaris 6

  • 26.5” scale length
  • Swamp ash body
  • African ebony top
  • Pale moon ebony fingerboard
  • Juggernaut Bare Knuckle Pickups
  • D’Addario strings exclusively

Promethean 5FF

  • 34-36” scale length
  • Swamp ash body
  • 5,300 year old flamed bog oak top with secondary purpleheart top
  • Ebony fingerboard
  • Nordstrand/Dingwall FD3 pickups
  • Ernie Ball strings exclusively

The playthrough video was shot by Mel Torres while DYSCARNATE and producer Jacob Hansen was guesting on Unstoppable Recording Machine’s Nail the Mix. Their new album WITH ALL THEIR MIGHT is currently out and can be streamed on Spotify, iTunes, and Google Play.

Upcoming Tour Dates:

  • Jun 22: London, UK – Electric Ballroom (with Hatebreed)
  • Jun 23: Manchester, UK – Academy 2 (with Hatebreed)
  • Aug 16: Dinkelsbuhl, Germany – Summer Breeze Open Air

And you can and should follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram here, here, and here, because they’re going to have a major tour announcement soon, and you’re going to want to be at ground zero when your city gets leveled.

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