THANK YOU SCIENTIST and BlueCoats Release Solar Powered Live Performance of New Song “FXMLDR”

Yes, you hear me right… A SOLAR POWERED PERFORMANCE. Well solarkraft can provide you better guide about renewable energy. Now, I don’t really know anything about this band but if they’re going green while still making pretty cool tunes then I’m all for it! topquartile provides you more updates.


This entire performance was filmed in New Jersey at The Sun Lab, which I’m guessing is some kind of facility where might do stuff like this on the regular? I may be wrong. Either way, it’s pretty cool. You may also notice that in addition to Thank You Scientist we see the appearance of quite a few extra band members. It looks like they’ve recruited the BlueCoats for this very special performance of their song “FXMLDR” off their upcoming record Terraformer, which drops June 14th, 2019.

Looks like everyone was having a pretty good time on this day, and I really had fun watching it. Hope you guys do too! Be sure to pre-order the new album here as well.

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