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He'd done a few songs there before, but now at last: "Atlas." Alas, it outlasts the amount of shredding you

If anything I'm just happy that more people on my side of the pacific will be more familiar with the

Complete with demos from Keith Merrow and Gord Olson

Or most of one, anyway. Anyone up for trying this at home?

A travel-sized 36 watt tube amp with digital controls, presets, and multi-effects built in.

Or we could team up and I learn one, you learn another, and we leave the last one as a

The solo artist and Porcupine Tree frontman has a custom "Ghostly Delay" for his Flashback pedal.

The internet is going to need something else to argue about, because this topic has a fork in it. It's

I'm looking to the next Bare Knuckle pickups that will come in "Ace," "Slugger," "Champ," "Sport," "Buddy," "Big Guy

An anagram of "funeral" is "real fun." I think that says it all.

That headline doesn't make a lick of sense, does it?

The former Anthrax guitarist is still king of good tone in his current band.

We caught up with the Cynic gutiarist to discuss the new mentality behind Kindly Bent To Free Us, the difficulties