Bare Knuckle Pickups Can Look Like Tigers Now

Here’s a finish I’ve never seen on a pickup before. You think EMG’s brushed black chrome or Lace’s Alumitones were metal and exotic? Maybe you’ve even seen a Bare Knuckle pickup in that weird “destroyed WWII tank” look they have. But have seen a Bare Knuckle pickup in tiger? Scratch that… it’s… “Tyger?”


Really? Tyger? With a “Y?” King of makes it look like the name of an ’80s synth pop band. It’s the most unnecessary “Y” since Peavey’s Vypyr modeling amps…

Anyway, this is something that Bare Knuckle does now. The pickups you see above are their Holydiver and Nailbomb (thankfully not Holidyver and Naylbom) pickups. So if you’re looking to make your guitar rage with the fury of a metallic jungle cat and don’t mind extra pseudo vowels in places they have no right to be, then these are the pickups for you.

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  • They’ve actually had this pickup cover option for a while now.

    • Like years. I’m sure “Tiger” has been a copyright for some time now.

    • I expect this at ms, disappointing here.

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