OLLY STEELE Releases New Solo Tune And Playthrough For “BALANCE”

He’s done it again, folks.


Guitarist Olly Steele of London-based progressive metal band Monuments released his first official release today, entitled “Balance” with a sick-as-hell guitar playthrough! The tune features Olly’s exceptionally tasteful yet heavy style of playing; fusing together more nuanced techniques like octave displacement and polyrhythms with sticky melodies and a driving groove that’ll keep this song in your head for weeks to come.

About the track, Olly had this to say:

“This song almost killed me I never wanna hear it again”

The track comes courtesy of the online guitar learning system JTC Guitar, who is also featuring an extensive breakdown of the track so that you can learn it yourself. The package includes official backings, complete TAB/notation, and exclusive video lessons so that you can get this tune under your fingers as fast as possible. You can pick up a lesson pack for only £19.99 on the JTC website here.

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