Today in Futurism: Some Guys Just 3-D Printed a Pickup

Good news guys, we get to geek out about not just the usual guitar gear but 3-D printers as well. We got a tip from Pawel Slusarczyk at CD3D that a pair of mad geniuses in Poland, Rob Klaczynski and Martin Kubacki, just printed a pickup.


Now to be fair, you can’t just print one of these pups whole hog. There’s still plenty of assembly required, so I hope you like painstakingly wrapping wire if you want to try this at home. But for those looking to give it a shot (you know, for that wide swath of our audience that owns a 3-D printer), you can download the files and instructions at Thingverse.

In the two videos below you’ll see first a gallery of the construction step by step, set to a recording of tones from the homemade single coil, and second a clip of a Bad Religion cover of course also using this pickup. It’s hard to tell how great it sounds from the recording, but it certainly sounds like a pickup.

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    • OMG!! Tosin Abasi?

      • this kid sux at playing guitar

  • that is a very strange location to place the input jack…

  • No, he 3D printed a pickup bobbin and cover. You can’t 3D print a pickup.

    • i wanted to say the same thing.

  • I wish I could print some fucks to give.

  • So what? It’s just the shell of the pickup. Doesn’t do a damn thing to the tone.

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