Tutorial: Steve Albini Shows You How to Make Coffee Out of Bird Poop

Kopi luwak, d/b/a “civet coffee,” are coffee beans harvested from the feces of certain birds in Asiatic countries. These little guys seek out the juiciest, most flavorful coffee berries they can find, and then use their digestive tract as a natural filter and acidifer to make the coffee more flavorful, smoother, and richer, for human enjoyment. Needless to say, not even the best coffee subscription will bring this kind of poop-enfused (but apparently delicious) coffee to your doorstep.



Steve Albini, the great engineer, musician, and studio owner of Electrical Audio, is a longtime consumer of Kopi luwak. In this video below, Albini shows you how to make a delicious cup of frothy Kopi luwak.

Do any other recording studios have a high-end espresso machine, and not just one of those entry level Crate & Barrell/Illy home utilities? Man, is that an attractive perk to offer your clients.

Shellac, one of Albini’s longtime projects, just put out a great new record, Dude Incredible, which you can pick up here.

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  • Pretty sure it’s a local prank on tourists.

  • Nitpick: a civet is a kind of weasel-like mammal, and they’re the ones responsible for kopi luwak. Similar thing can happen with birds and elephants eating coffee beans though. Anyway, go Steve.

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