I Know You’ve Been Engl-ing for Some New Amplitube Models

Engl is the Meinl of the guitar world, or maybe is Meinl the Engl of the drum world? Both are fine German instrument manufacturers that musicians in North America are certainly aware of, but very few of us actually play. A lot of it is access: until recently neither company was commonly found in stores on this side of the Atlantic, although this is certainly changing. What’s interesting though is that some other rare American manufacturers still had brand awareness, like VHT or Bogner. I know this is anecdotal and your experience may vary but 10 years ago it seemed like almost no one on my coast had heard of either brand, and slowly an awareness grew that these were huge, well-respected companies in Europe.


Finally now I’ve been seeing Engl Savages and Powerballs used by the occasional band in the United States. They’re starting to pop up all over, including in IK Multimedia’s Amplitube software. Their custom shop has been expanded with two new Engl amp models, the E650 and Powerball, plus Engl’s E412 Standard and E412 Pro XXL cabinet modelss to go with them.

Each model is priced at 5 to 30 credits (which are at a 1:1 ratio for dollars, and slightly cheaper in Euros since €15.99 will get you 20 credits), and they’re available now.

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  • Doesn’t this already exists as “Anger” in Amplitube? Anyway it sounds kinda bad, anything by LePou beats it.

    • Most of the non-brand ones that aren’t based on marshalls or fenders suck cucumbers, especially the mark III.

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