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48k guys. Fourty-eight freakin' K. That's more K's than a Spanish "what?" convention.

The technical death metal band brings the futurism without getting too technical about it.

But what's really bizarre is that the preamp is still in the amplifier.

His solo record comes out in a month, but you can watch him as well as bassist Mark Michell perform

We're giving away the band's new record, some GHS strings, and a GHS coozie to boot.

In this tutorial he breaks down the guitar parts to his new song "I Am the Fire."

An entire day of geeking out on some of our favorite gear of the year.

I was going to go for some topical Godzilla-esque title, about Marty Crossing the Pacific to terrorize Ben in New

The makers of Axe-FX want you to step on them.

Synyster Gates on one of his more obscure influences, and a brief jam session to follow.

Instrument instruction is the last safe bastion for the dvd format, apparently.

And a "best of Devin in the EMG studio montage" for good measure.

Because old gear is better than new gear, unless you're some hoighty toighty vintage snob.