EWS Little Fuzzy Drive Is an Op-Amp Fuzz for Those of You with Limited Pedalboard Space

They seriously managed to leave room for a 9v battery in there, huh? I’m impressed because the new EWS Little Fuzzy Drive is tiny as hell. The batter must take up of the compartment. And what’s inside there besides room for a power source: an op-amp instead of the more common germanium transistor, which EWS shied away from because germanium “can be affected by environmental elements.” But what they didn’t avoid was a blue LED, so there’s classy looks in this little package.


There are two modes: “fat fuzzy” has more mids and gain, while “fuzzy drive” is tighter, with a tone more similar to the original EWS Fuzzy Drive pedal, so good job naming that mode. Very apt. Here’s the specs.

  • Volume, Tone & Gain control configuration
  • Mini toggle: Fat Fuzzy and Fuzzy Drive Mode
  • Bright Blue LED
  • 9-volt batter powered
  • AC Adapter (Optional) External 9-volt regulated center-negative
  • True Bypass Switching
  • Dimensions 38.5mm x 92.5mm x 55xx
  • Weight 320g
  • MSRP: $160

Source: Premier Guitar

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