Now You Can Also Be the Fire By Learning from Gus G.

Yeah, I know that for some of you Gus G. is short for “Gus Geesus man there’s no way in hell I can play that.” The solo/Firewind guitarist got scooped up to Ozzy’s band for a reason. Fortunately his “Gus G. Tutorials” exist for a reason: to prove to you that his name is actually “Gus Go ahead and play this stuff it’s actually not as hard as it looks.”


In this new video he breaks down how to tackle “I Am the Fire,” the title track off of his new record. The riffs, licks, and leads are covered. So get your single not riffing and pedal tone leading up to Gus G. standards, will you?

Here’s the original song that you can, in theory, now jam along to. It’s the title track to his new album, which is out now.

Source: Blabbermouth

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