Periphery’s Misha Mansoor Shows off Two of His Mayones Guitars, Featuring an Evertune Bridge and True Temperament Frets

Back in March Mayones uploaded a video of Periphery’s Misha Mansoor showing off the goods on his Mayones Regius 6 MM CW guitar, a beautiful slap of walnut. Yet what was odd was that at the clip’s onset he mentioned that he’d be going over “two” of his axes. So whither art thou, elusive second guitar?


Now that soul-eating mystery has concluded. Seems the company was holding part II so that jerks like me would have something to write about during these humid June doldrums. And while I love a nice walnut guitar, this quilted maple Regius 6 MM 4Ever model is ultimately the more interesting of the two. Why? The delightful combination of an Evertune bridge and true temperament frets means this 6-string is the ultimate tool for in studio riffing without dealing with accidental bends or the intonation nightmares that come with playing some weird ass chord with lots of distortion high up on the neck. Although an Evertune bridge can be set to allow bends, Misha has his set to zero tolerance, which explains why its a studio-only guitar.

Mayones Regius 6 MM 4Ever

Mayones Regius 6 MM CW

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