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Also, his philosophy on the difference between a lead and a solo.

Did we love it or hate it? The next 3 minutes may determine where you spend your next $1000

Now THIS is how you tell the tale of a rig's evolution.

I mean the album is called Inferno. I can't do italics in the header, or this description. But maybe he

Including the rare and elusive "Stradivarius," which is like the.. um, Strada

After creating like 50 different low-wattage amplifiers, Bogner is back with another 100 watt British-voiced screamer.

For those of you who love Animals as Leaders but hate having an 8th string.

A riff by riff lesson on how to play "L'Enfant Sauvage."

The Fu Manchu/Sun and Sail Club guitarist says: "come loudly, or there will be

The Indiana amp builder would prefer to "continue designing and building cutting-edge products rather than pouring [their] resources into legal

PRS's new amplifier gets quite the tone.

It's better than last week when you ended your Friday with an entire plate of nachos. At least split them

Featuring not just the Dååth guitarist but also members of Nails and Monuments.

Bonus, his Star Wars action figures are up for grabs, in case you bent your wookie and need a new

Watch him school you like a boss, or more like a tc electronic