PRS Has a Couple of Prototypes that You Can Ogle from Afar

Sometimes you get your news from a guitar store. Like, for example, when a British webshoppe called Andertons got this scoop on a couple of prototype PRS models that may never see an actual production run.


The “Stradivarius” PRS is a Custom 22 double cutaway. It’s mainly unique just for its sexually attractive wood finish and binding that goes all the way up to the headstock. But what’s going on with the crazy bridge shape in the second guitar? I have to admit: it’s something I’ve never seen before. Huge saddles too. Consider my interest piqued.

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  • They started using this bridge on the Stripped ’58 a couple years ago and now use it on the SC 245 model. The slots in the tailpiece are nice because you aren’t threading the string through a hole when putting on new strings, just a little more “user friendly,” compared to a traditional stopbar.You can also remove all the strings and the tailpiece doesn’t fall off like a Gibson. This tailpiece along with the larger saddles creates more contact with the string itself, which results in more sound being transferred to the body. Its a sweet bridge and tailpiece.

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