We’re Behind the Saftey Glass at ESP’s New USA Production Plant

Speaking of things you’ll likely never be able to touch, like the brass ring of success, or those PRS prototypes from earlier today… how’d you like to check out ESP’s new American guitar factory, the birthplace of the new ESP USA series guitars?


As you may or may not be aware, the top shelf ESPs have always been made in Japan, and that likely won’t change. The ESP Custom Shop will continue to create its oh-so-nice axes for you to fawn over. But if you’re more the type to scream “USA! USA!” repeatedly… well, I’d recommend some therapy. Folks don’t like a screamer. Still, you might be curious what this new North Hollywood, CA building full of machines and luthiers is up to. And since if you try to break in there with a camera and film it yourself they’ll be like “hey, stop or I’m calling the police” for some reason, this filmed tour is the next best thing!

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