Railhammer’s Bob Balch Pickups are Part Rail and Part Pole, but I’m Done Making Robocop Puns

Railhammer makes the most unique pickups that I know of, besides maybe Lace and their Alumitones. But look at that photo up there. Anything look odd to you? Gape at that lack of symmetry. Half rails, half poles. And what’s interesting is that the rails, which are usually associated with brighter tones, are placed under the wound strings. According to Railhammer’s FAQ, “the rails produce a tight percussive tone, the poles a fat thick tone. If you reversed it, the wound strings would sound mushy and the plain strings would sound extra thin.”


Now the company has released some signature pickups from Bob Balch, guitarist of Fu Manchu and Sun & Sail Club fame. The pups are based off of Railhammer’s existing Chisel pickups, but with reduced output and increaded midrange due to the brass cover and baseplate. I haven’t seen prices listed yet, but the rest of Railhammer’s pickups retail around the $100 mark.

Source: Guitar World

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