Gojira’s Joe Duplantier Wants to Show You How the Sauvage is Made

Gojira are kings of the simple straightforward riff, the epitome of a band wherein the devil horns are in the details. Two of those details are the best in class drums of Mario Duplantier and very difficult to duplicate pitch-screamed vocals of his brother Joe. So if you’re wondering how the band can create its monolithic soundscape with such minimal fretwork, well, the fretwork isn’t the focus: it’s the backdrop.


So from that vantage point, the real guitar lesson from Joe Duplantier is to remind you to, at times, keep your string pyrotechnics in check. You may have penned the greatest riffs in the world, but riffs alone do not a band make. What about feel, dynamics, atmosphere, and power? I’m sure you can play the guitar parts to “L’Enfant Sauvage,” but can your band, as a whole, pull the song off? Would you be Gojira reincarnate, or bad Gojira cosplay?

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  • D standard tuning?

    • I think it’s in Drop C. I don’t have my guitars with me at the moment so I can’t confirm.

    • i think it’s a custom tuning to Gojira. From high to low: C G C D♯ g c. Kind of a hybrid between Drop C and D Standard.

  • why he not show me his pedals?

    • I just interviewed him actually, and asked about that. It’ll go up next week. I have to double check my notes but I think his pedals were really basic: just a Boss tuner, a noise gate (either Boss or MXR), and an MXR Carbon Copy analog delay.

      • hey, thanks! :) that just makes me want to know about his pre/amp! haha

        • EVH 5150 III. That’s it. In the studio as well. Really simple. They do have some cab sim box that they use live. Not sure if it’s in lieu of mics or in addition to.

          • well you’re just all about helpin people out! thanks!

  • very cool!

  • the intro riff sounds amazing slowed down. please play ti like that in a song.

  • Am I the only one that is floored by the fact that he’s getting that tone of a Telecaster?

    • No, you certainly are not alone.Maybe he uses pedals and killer amps, a Mesa Boogie on the amp part.

      • It’s the combination of his EVH 5150III head and his really aggressive picking style that does the trick.

        • Whatever he’s doing or whatever’s he’s using, I wouldn’t change it. If he can get humbucker girth out of a guitar normally associated with country music, then he’s doing something right.

        • I see.I also heard in an interview that even Nergal from Behemoth uses a Telecaster a lot, only when he is composing though.First fuly fledged electric guitar ever made …

  • What’s important is, what does he thing about gay rights?

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