Watch the Entirety of Dream Theater Guitarist John Petrucci’s Guitar Center Clinic

John Petrucci is no stranger to running a clinic. He swung by a Guitar Center in Colorado recently, and part of what’s enjoyable about the session is the good rapport he builds with the crowd. I’ve seen some awkward or dry musicians hosting events like this, so the amount of laughs he gets out of the crowd are commendable.


But that’s not why you’re here. If you’re in the market for Petrucci breaking down some of his most complicated parts into simple(er) terms that even mere mortals like you and me can comprehend, the ‘Trucch does an admirable job delivering. I haven’t listened to much Dream Theater in the last decade, but I was psyched to see a slowed down version of that part on Scenes from a Memory that sounds like Castlevania before it starts to sound like a cowboy bar fight in a silent movie.

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