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Where will I show off my sweep picking now?

Smashing Pumpkins? No thanks, we'll just stick to guitars for now.

New data from S&P Global suggests that the company's debt is close junk-bond status.

Tosin demonstrates his amps, pedals, rigs, and tone.

You've got to see this surveillance footage of the Long Island City Guitar Center Outlaw incident.

New op-ed from a financial analyst and music industry critic thinks so.

Everything is not OK in Westlake, California, according to former employees and inside reports.

New CEO Darrell Webb announces serious reductions at the corporate level of the troubled company.

...Because, didn't he... you know... the... guitar.... flying V... what?

Watch him school you like a boss, or more like a tc electronic

Another quality interview from Guitar Center of all places.

Like they intentionally wanted Ben's bad drumming on "Head Down."

Tremble! as he recounts his sinister motivations for learning the guitar