METALLICA: Get Your Custom JAMES HETFIELD or KIRK HAMMET Guitar Setup Special at Guitar Center

You may have read our recent article about Ernie Ball’s “Hetfield + Hammett Experience“, in which three lucky winners had the chance to hang with Metallica‘s James Hetfield and Kirk Hammet, take home their own Hetfield or Hammett signature ESP guitar, AND walk away with their favorite gauge of Slinky guitar strings. Pretty dope, right? But maybe you didn’t get a chance to enter the competition. Well, Guitar Center just announced a pretty neat special that might satiate your Metallica cravings.


From October 3rd to 11th, you can bring in your guitar and have it setup to either James Hetfield’s or Kirk Hammet’s personal specs. For just under $65 buckaroos, you can get the custom treatment that James or Kirk would have on their very own axes. The process includes general maintenance, fret repair, hardware/electronics adjustments, and a bunch more in-depth work.

This is definitely something that die-hard Metallica players will appreciate. And if you think your own playing style is similar to these guys’, it might be worth a shot.

To read more about the setup process and find a location near you, visit Guitar Center’s site.

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  • How much did they pay you to write this article? “They” being Guitar Center….

  • Funny that they didn’t do the same for Lars’ snare sound…

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