Reinhold Bogner Thinks Paper Manuals Are for Chumps, Makes a Guided Video Manual of His New Helios Amp Instead

Bogner Amplification made its name by creating two of the greatest high gain amps in the business: the Ecstasy and Uberschall. And yet, over the last few years, the company’s product line was made murkier when they released a slew of new amplifiers that looked identical. Take a look at the Panama, New Yorker, Brixton, Barcelona, and LaFayette. All tiny amps, named after locations- some designed around high gain tones while others were cleaner. I have to refer to the website every time to remember which is which. And then there were some others released in the same timeframe like the Mephisto, Atma, and Duende. For so many amps to come from this boutique manufacturer in such a limited span of time, it was kind of bizarre.


Well Bogner have another, even newer amp, the Helios. It stands apart from those other designs with is higher wattage and larger size. Reinhold Bogner himself created a video manual to show off the sounds and features of the Helios. I haven’t heard one of these in person, but it sounds pretty damn good in the video.

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