Gear Gods is proud to present the third installment of our Quality Control series, in which we demo and review products before you plop down your hard-earned scratch, checking to make sure there are no small parts for choking hazards or lead based paints (since you tried to eat the last one).


Today we’re looking at the Engl Invader 100, a versatile amp aimed at the modern metal master, with 4 channels, 2 effects loops, a built in gate, and a separate EQ for each channel (!). It features MIDI switchability and its 100 watts are powered by 4 EL34 tubes.

Interestingly, rather than a typical clean/crunch/high gain/more gain setup for each channel, each channel is a different voicing capable of a high or low gain sound. This allows for a plethora of tones at similar levels of gain, or several different clean tones, or mix and match to your liking.

Open your ears and enjoy the dulcet sounds of Sam Jacobs, of The Afterimage, and the Engl Invader 100!

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