Exclusive Marty Friedman Commentary: “Undertow,” from His Upcoming Inferno

I have a new favorite thing in the world: it’s when instrumental guitar genius Marty Friedman refers to something as “so Marty” in the same manner as 50 Cent would say something is “so Fifty.” My shriveled walnut of a heart got at least a beat or two in there. Then I got gas.


The other best thing about this video is of course more commentary on a track from Marty Friedman’s upcoming album, Inferno, which will end its pre-heating session on May 27th. So starting on that date it’ll be more like Infern-yes, am I right folks?

The song in question is “Undertow.” It is located in the albums posterior section, because after all that rocking you need a ballad to break up some of that tension. What, you can’t appreciate a good instruballad? Well then you can’t appreciate Marty.

Looking to pre-order this phoenix of an album, born in the crucible, cradled in flame? Head to Prosthetic Records.

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  • Ironically enough the song with david davidson, which i was looking forward the most greatly repulses me. Still going to listen to the rest of the album when its out.

  • Inferno is a damn good album however i didn’t care for the songs with vocals.

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